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Art.Nr. 9110001357216

The Mermaid (Download)

von Cupido

Gesprochen von Alessandra Anderson

aus der Hörbuch Serie Cupido

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ISBN-13: 9788726482058
Verlag: Cupido
Medium: Download - Keine physikalische Auslieferung
Format: MP3 var. Bitrate (VBR)
Laufzeit: 38 Minuten

Verlagsinformation zum Hörbuch

There's nothing like fresh air in the mountains, waves lapping against the shore, the wind caressing your breast, or water touching your private parts – especially while with your lover.This is a collection of erotic short stories from Cupido. The collection contains the following stories:"He waded naked ashore and found a beautiful mermaid on the beach in need of his help. He was happy to oblige." - A Morning Adventure by Dørvakten, Grenå"He met Tone every third year from the age of seven. But what happened between them during their teens would change the way he looked at her forever." - A Tone in Life by Niels, København"She was soaking wet when she arrived at the empty mountain cabin. She had to dry the clothes off, and it isn't long before the cabin (and herself) starts to get hot." Plenty of Good People in the Mountains by Kristine, Bodø"A commanding voice made her jump. It was the inspector who discovered that she had bathed illegally in the mountain waters. What will come her way?" A Swimming Trip by Løperdronningen, Tromsø

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